single origin chocolate crafted in small batches from bean to bar

We source fine cacao beans from around the world, and process them into chocolate in our small-batch factory. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and traceable.

I am on a mission to explore the full range of exquisite flavors that are found in chocolate. We make chocolate begging with with raw cacao beans that we source from around the world. Each bean's origin boasts a unique flavor, which we elevate and honor in the preparation of its chocolate. I invite you to visit our factory for a tour, join us on a chocolate adventure, and enjoy the taste experiences that we create for you through each of our products.

- Enna Grazier, Chocolate Maker

Make. Taste. Share. Repeat.

  • The Cacao Tree

    Terroir and genetics are the foundation of flavor in single origin bean to bar chocolate. Each of our cacao origins has a distinct flavor profile: chocolate can have fruity, earthy, herbal, nutty, and more flavor notes, all due to genetic origin, where it is grown, and how the beans are fermented and processed. This is the foundation from which we explore roast and processing the cacao into finished chocolate.

  • Ethical Ingredient Sourcing

    Our cacao is 100% traceable, and has only changed hands from the farmer > our sourcing partners > us. We work closely with our sourcing partners to develop relationships with our farmer producers, and we love to share their stories with you.

  • Where Does Cacao Grow?

    Cacao grows within approximately 20 degrees from the Equator, where climate and terrain permit. We source cacao from a number of countries within this "cocoa belt".

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